Why worth to eat breakfast?

From The young child ell people repeats to us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that it is not allowed to leave the House, not having eaten something worthwhile, giving energy and power for the whole day. Is it really so? Why eat breakfast? How they affect the body? Information on this subject can be found in today’s article, which, we hope, will dispel your doubts in this area.

Why eat breakfast?
Why eat breakfast?

What we eat for breakfast, has a huge impact on our mood throughout the day. With breakfast, we have the energy to work, learning, action. If it is well composed, satiated for a long time, promotes the metabolism and makes you feel good all day. His role is so invaluable.

The benefits of eating breakfast

Aase everyone right when you wake up feeling hungry. However, until 10:30 to eat, as if too long will fail too low level of glucose in the blood, they tease us headaches, drowsiness or trouble concentrating. In addition, breakfast prevents podjadaniu during the day and strengthens immunity, so should not be overlooked.

However, for breakfast you should not eat so that what is on our plate should include components that ensure the grey cells and nerwowemu energy, as well as supplement the nutrient deficiencies. Of course, the breakfast should not be rich!

What to eat for breakfast?

Compose your breakfast, you need to keep in mind that this should be a varied meal that contains all the nutrients. Has provided almost 1/3 the calories which spożyjemy throughout the day. About 10 percent of the breakfast should provide protein, 30 percent fat, and 60 percent carbohydrates.

Source of protein, calcium and vitamins A and D in breakfast can be partly skimmed milk, a piece of yellow or white cheese, or plain yogurt.

It is also include cereals, containing fiber and B vitamins. whole wheat bread or muesli. breakfast

Source of fats in the correctly composed breakfast should be butter or margarine. Fats extend the feeling of satiety and facilitate the transformation of energy, so you can not opt out of them completely.

Sugars simple, that for the meal, which is served, it should be while honey, jam, jam, or a teaspoon of sugar to tea. Sugar adds energy, especially to our mind, so also we must not forget about him.

An important part is also the breakfast drink that moisturize from the inside of the body and stimulates blood circulation and lymph circulation – this may be still water, weak tea or coffee or fruit juice.

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